Established in 2011, Jazy by Jana is a design and style studio specializing in custom design uniforms that are created to represent our client’s unique properties. Inspired by culture, history and geography of each location.

 Jana Stern is a seasoned uniform designer, who came into the industry with a unique twist. Jana’s background prior to uniforms is a costume designer, in the Tv and film industry. She uses her vision and creativity to walk through the property of any kind and understanding the lifestyle, culture, and décor. Then bringing it to life for their staff to wear and Represent.

 As a company we take pride in giving you a concierge experience. We are not like any other Uniform Company, we are serviced based, like architect/interior designer. We work based on time and manufacturing your goods at cost , no profit. From initial consult, to installing every outfit on each staff member. When you look good, you feel good and you do good!

Let us help you bring your Vision to life! It's time to be unique, be your brand and be the bespoke experience. Thank you. Jana